Hire An Electrician For These Creative Lighting Solutions

6 May 2016
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The right lighting in a home can really make the space come to life, and hiring an electrician means that you'll be able to turn any of your creative lighting ideas into reality. Whether you favor a rustic style of home or you're into the modern look, you can work with your electrician to come up with ideas that will make your home shine. Changing the lighting goes beyond updating the ceiling and wall fixtures; in addition to these tasks, an electrician can get use his or her skill and experience to install lights that will illuminate your home in a unique manner. Here are some lighting ideas to discuss with this contractor.

Lights Under Kitchen Cabinets

A creative lighting solution for your kitchen is to have lights mounted to the undersides of your upper kitchen cabinets. These will cast a glow down onto the counter and illuminate where you're working and won't give the glaring brightness you might be accustomed to with standard overhead lights. Because the lights are directly above the counter, you also won't deal with the shadows that are occasionally a nuisance when you have bright ceiling lights that cause your shadow to be cast on the counter. Make sure that your electrician installs a dimmer switch, and you can leave these lights on at a low level for ambiance in the evening.

Lights In The Floor

Lights installed in the floor in specialized heavy-duty mounts can give your home a lighting solution that will pleasantly illuminate your rooms or hallways in a unique way. By cutting holes in the floor and dropping light fixtures in so they're flush with the hardwood or other flooring type, the electrician will give you a unique way to brighten the area. Often, these lights will cast their glow up the wall, which is ideal if you have art on the wall that you wish to highlight or you have a rustic interior wall that you want to be the focal point.

Lights Around The Stairs

If you have stairs with an opening between each separate step, your electrician can install lights around the stairs to illuminate them. Beyond the obvious visual appeal of this job, it also serves an additional purpose – the placement of the lights will make it easy to navigate the stairs for your family and visitors to your home alike. Whether going upstairs or descending to a basement in which you do much of your party hosting, this lighting solution will turn the heads of your guests.

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